Real Property TransactionsWe provide legal assistance in all matters associated with real property acquisition, alienation, development and financing. Inter alia, we provide services as follows:

  • real property due diligence;
  • real property acquisition solutions elaboration;
  • acquisition of agricultural land and forest estates;
  • preparation of terms and conditions of contracts of purchase, exchange, donation;
  • representation of interests in negotiations concerning contractual terms and conditions;
  • bank engagement in payment for real property acquisition;
  • bank fund raising for real property acquisition;
  • relations with banks in case of real property value /profitability significant impairment situations, re-financing and loan restructuring;
  • real property renting, early termination of renting relationship;
  • design, construction and management.

Knowledge and experience of our Bureau in transactions involving real property worth of millions are gained over many years under the economy growth and realty recession conditions and we can equalize interests of parties to transactions, invariably ensuring the highest priority in the interests of our clients.