Real Property ManagementWe provide legal assistance in real property management and administration matters. Inter alia, we provide services as follows:

  • assistance in provision of owners of residential houses with residential house management (inter alia, in taking decisions associated with house management, conclusion of transactions);
  • preparation of decisions of house owners on apartment property creation;
  • organization of general meetings of community of apartment owners, preparation of drafts of taken decisions and legal control over decisions taken;
  • preparation of management and administration agreements;
  • representation of individual property owners, community of apartment owners or house manager in mutual disputes both in pre-trial negotiations, and in court proceedings;
  • preparation of statements of claim;
  • preparation of explanations for court.

Knowledge of our Bureau in the field of real property management and administration and longstanding experience in tackling management and administration issues enables every our client to understand his/her rights and obligations as the real property owner and accordingly take more correct and legally substantiated decisions.