Medicine and healthcare lawWe provide legal assistance in all matters associated with medicine law and healthcare. Inter alia, we provide services as follows:

  • in issues associated with situations, when a damage is inflicted to the patient’s health;
  • in specific issues of work of health institutions;
  • in patient’s rights-relating issues;
  • in issues of work of medical professional associations;
  • legal aspects of pharmaceutical sector;
  • criminal law-relating issues in medicine;
  • in connection with decision of the Health Inspectorate;
  • protection of human dignity after death;
  • elaboration of government regulation drafts.

Medicine law is a complicated inter-sectoral branch of law, which encompasses the interaction of private and public law and regulation of patients’ rights at the national and international level, and understanding of doctor’s professional freedom as a general clause. Experience and knowledge of our Bureau gained in medicine and healthcare law, by rendering legal assistance to healthcare service providers, important professional associations and private persons, also in academic work, which encompasses both theoretical knowledge and understanding, and aspects of practical application.