International Private LawWe provide legal assistance in all matters associated with international private law and international civil procedure.

Inter alia, we provide services as follows:

  • inheritance of property located abroad;
  • registration of marriage or divorce with a foreigner;
  • reimbursement of damages inflicted abroad;
  • conclusion of contracts with foreigners and fulfilment in Latvia and abroad;
  • acquisition of property located abroad;
  • legal proceedings with foreigners in Latvia or abroad;
  • Enforcement of judgements of Latvian courts abroad;
  • Enforcement of judgements of foreign courts in Latvia;
  • Setting – up a company abroad;
  • Cross-border reorganization of a company.

Knowledge of our Bureau in international private law encompasses both in-depth understanding of theory of international private law and real – life experience. We are rendering legal aid to clients in Latvia and accompanying clients in resolution of international private law issues abroad.