Family Law

Our team’s experience in family law is comprehensive, therefore we are able to provide high quality and competent legal assistance in all family law matters. 

Our long-standing practical experience and thorough approach to the matters of legal and contractual matrimonial property relationships, divorce, parent-child relations, paternity, kinship and affinity, custody and guardianship enable our clients to successfully resolve family law related matters. 

Legal assistance in family law

Legal and contractual matrimonial property relationships

Advice and assistance in matrimonial property matters, drafting and review of marriage contracts Resolving matters with regard to joint property of spouses
and separate property of spouses.  


Assistance in divorce matters. Drafting of an application for divorce in court or before a notary public. Representation in divorce matters, including litigation. 

Matters concerning parent-child relations

Assistance in paternity matters, determination and challenge of paternity. Adoption, custody matters and legal assistance at the orphan’s and custody court. Matters concerning the property relations between parents and children. 

Kinship and affinity

Assistance in matters of kinship and affinity, their determination.

Custody and guardianship

Dealing with various matters with regard to custody and guardianship, establishment and termination of these relationships, and the rights and duties of these persons. 

Issues related to family law

Family law matters are often linked to real estate transactions and litigation. 

Therefore, if you need legal advice in other matters, please take a look at these sections:

  • Real estate transactions – legal assistance in the purchase, sale and management of real estate;
  • Litigation – representation and protection of interests in courts of law, courts of arbitration;