Construction LawWe provide legal assistance in all matters associated with construction law. Inter alia, we provide services as follows:

  • Construction / design contract and parts thereof elaboration, evaluation;
  • Construction employer /contractor liability issues, including, construction contractual and legal procedure compliance / breach issues, subcontractor outsourcing issues;
  • Aid in issues on reimbursement of losses, damages sustained as a result of construction, inter alia, reimbursement of losses, damages to a third party;
  • Aid in resolution construction issues at relevant authorities;
  • Aid in issues relating to registration and insurance of construction merchants and construction specialists;
  • Construction quality and compliance matters, inter alia, legal aid in expertise of construction projects /construction work.

In-depth knowledge of our bureau together with longstanding real-life experience and careful attitude in resolution construction – relating legal issues enable our clients to solve more successfully with issues associated with construction.