Field of expertise

Construction Law

Construction LawWe provide legal assistance in all matters associated with construction law. Inter alia, we provide services as follows:
  • Construction / design contract and parts thereof elaboration, evaluation;
  • Construction employer /contractor liability issues, including, construction contractual and legal procedure compliance / breach issues, subcontractor outsourcing issues;
  • Aid in issues on reimbursement of losses, damages sustained as a result of construction, inter alia, reimbursement of losses, damages to a third party;
  • Aid in resolution construction issues at relevant authorities;
  • Aid in issues relating to registration and insurance of construction merchants and construction specialists;
  • Construction quality and compliance matters, inter alia, legal aid in expertise of construction projects /construction work.
In-depth knowledge of our bureau together with longstanding real-life experience and careful attitude in resolution construction – relating legal issues enable our clients to solve more successfully with issues associated with construction.

Labour Law

Labour LawWe provide legal assistance in all matters associated with labour legal relationship. Inter alia, we provide services as follows:
  • Labour contract preparation, evaluation;
  • Job description preparation;
  • Elaboration of employer’s in-house regulations, orders in the field of labour law;
  • Aid to employers and /or employees in connection with occupational accidents, calculation, evaluation of the amount of possible indemnification;
  • Preparation, evaluation of competition restriction agreements;
  • Aid in procurement of work and residence permit;
  • Employment of foreigners;
  • Preparation of notice of termination, evaluation of submitted notice of termination;
  • Preparation of agreements/ settlements;
  • Preparation of statements of claim;
  • Preparation of explanations for court;
  • Representation in court.
Experience, skills and knowledge of our Bureau in labour law gained as a result of longstanding acquisition of practical and theoretical knowledge afford an opportunity to our clients to resolve labour disputes at the beginning, by way of basing labour legal relationship at an enterprise on mutual understanding and cooperation.

Real Property Transactions

Real Property TransactionsWe provide legal assistance in all matters associated with real property acquisition, alienation, development and financing. Inter alia, we provide services as follows:
  • real property due diligence;
  • real property acquisition solutions elaboration;
  • acquisition of agricultural land and forest estates;
  • preparation of terms and conditions of contracts of purchase, exchange, donation;
  • representation of interests in negotiations concerning contractual terms and conditions;
  • bank engagement in payment for real property acquisition;
  • bank fund raising for real property acquisition;
  • relations with banks in case of real property value /profitability significant impairment situations, re-financing and loan restructuring;
  • real property renting, early termination of renting relationship;
  • design, construction and management.
Knowledge and experience of our Bureau in transactions involving real property worth of millions are gained over many years under the economy growth and realty recession conditions and we can equalize interests of parties to transactions, invariably ensuring the highest priority in the interests of our clients.

Criminal Law

Criminal LawWe provide legal assistance and provide advocacy in criminal matters Inter alia, we provide services as follows:
  • advocacy in criminal procedure, specifically in criminal matters associated with issues relating to medication;
  • representation of health institutions and legal aid;
  • representation of an aggrieved party and legal aid in criminal procedure;
  • resolution of inheritance issues in criminal procedure.
Advocates of our Bureau successfully defend interests of their clients in criminal procedures, both by implementing advocacy and representing interests of aggrieved parties. We deliver professional and adequate evaluation of a situation, whereby creating the basis for the development of tactics of our further work in every criminal procedure.

Medicine and healthcare law

Medicine and healthcare lawWe provide legal assistance in all matters associated with medicine law and healthcare. Inter alia, we provide services as follows:
  • in issues associated with situations, when a damage is inflicted to the patient’s health;
  • in specific issues of work of health institutions;
  • in patient’s rights-relating issues;
  • in issues of work of medical professional associations;
  • legal aspects of pharmaceutical sector;
  • criminal law-relating issues in medicine;
  • in connection with decision of the Health Inspectorate;
  • protection of human dignity after death;
  • elaboration of government regulation drafts.
Medicine law is a complicated inter-sectoral branch of law, which encompasses the interaction of private and public law and regulation of patients’ rights at the national and international level, and understanding of doctor’s professional freedom as a general clause. Experience and knowledge of our Bureau gained in medicine and healthcare law, by rendering legal assistance to healthcare service providers, important professional associations and private persons, also in academic work, which encompasses both theoretical knowledge and understanding, and aspects of practical application.

Real Property Management

Real Property ManagementWe provide legal assistance in real property management and administration matters. Inter alia, we provide services as follows:
  • assistance in provision of owners of residential houses with residential house management (inter alia, in taking decisions associated with house management, conclusion of transactions);
  • preparation of decisions of house owners on apartment property creation;
  • organization of general meetings of community of apartment owners, preparation of drafts of taken decisions and legal control over decisions taken;
  • preparation of management and administration agreements;
  • representation of individual property owners, community of apartment owners or house manager in mutual disputes both in pre-trial negotiations, and in court proceedings;
  • preparation of statements of claim;
  • preparation of explanations for court.
Knowledge of our Bureau in the field of real property management and administration and longstanding experience in tackling management and administration issues enables every our client to understand his/her rights and obligations as the real property owner and accordingly take more correct and legally substantiated decisions.

Tax Law

We provide legal assistance in all matters associated with tax law. Inter alia, we provide services as follows:
  • representation of clients in tax disputes at the State Revenue Service and in court;
  • transaction structuring in reliance upon existing government regulations in the Republic of Latvia in the taxation field.
Our Bureau has extensive experience in the taxation field. We represent clients in tax disputes on real property tax, value added tax, personal income tax, corporate income tax, natural resource tax, also we render counselling in transaction structuring to ensure compliance of every transaction with existing government regulations in the Republic of Latvia in the taxation field.

Public Procurement

Public ProcurementWe provide legal assistance in all matters associated with public procurement law. Inter alia, we provide services as follows:
  • elaboration of procurement regulations and of other documentation;
  • checking supplier’s proposal before submission for tender;
  • counselling in preparation of proposals;
  • preparation of challenge of results of procurement procedure, representation at the Procurement Supervision Bureau;
  • preparation of applications for challenging decisions of the Procurement Supervision Bureau, invalidation of a procurement contract, also for recovery of damages and representation in an administrative court.
Our Bureau has extensive and longstanding experience in the field of public procurements, by representing interests and rights of contracting authorities and contractors – tenderers. We represent clients in public procurement procedures, at the Procurement Supervision Bureau and courts, and the specialists of our Bureau will help You in all sorts of transactions between public authorities / public service providers and private sector.

International Private Law

International Private LawWe provide legal assistance in all matters associated with international private law and international civil procedure. Inter alia, we provide services as follows:
  • inheritance of property located abroad;
  • registration of marriage or divorce with a foreigner;
  • reimbursement of damages inflicted abroad;
  • conclusion of contracts with foreigners and fulfilment in Latvia and abroad;
  • acquisition of property located abroad;
  • legal proceedings with foreigners in Latvia or abroad;
  • Enforcement of judgements of Latvian courts abroad;
  • Enforcement of judgements of foreign courts in Latvia;
  • Setting – up a company abroad;
  • Cross-border reorganization of a company.
Knowledge of our Bureau in international private law encompasses both in-depth understanding of theory of international private law and real – life experience. We are rendering legal aid to clients in Latvia and accompanying clients in resolution of international private law issues abroad.


LitigationWe provide legal assistance and represent interests of clients in litigation in Latvia and abroad. Inter alia, we provide services as follows:
  • Representation in any and all court instances in commercial law, property law, construction, indemnification and debt collection, as well as in other civil disputes;
  • claim security before and simultaneously with claim filing;
  • representation in court of arbitration;
  • representation in settlement negotiations;
  • preparation of client’s position /proof for litigation abroad and supervision of litigation held abroad;
  • representation in court in insolvency matters.
Experience of our Bureau in litigation in Latvia also evidences that we have successfully represented in court interests of the largest construction companies, local governments, banks etc. significant clients.